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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bass Ackwards - Make up your mind then investigate

People with wisdom first investigate facts and then make up their minds.

Most people first make up their minds and then investigate the facts.

We are built to resist the physical disturbance of changing our minds.   This influence is so strong that we twist facts to fit our preconceived notions.  The is why prejudice continues until the next generation is educated differently.  We create the outer reality based on our inner image of reality.

For the last Century we have been programmed to believe the leftist vision of group rights.  We have been taught that individual rights are selfish and outdated.  We have been taught to fear, deride or ignore any source of contrary ideas to our leftist group.

Whatever our inner mindset is will determine how flexible we are to creating an outer reality that fits the Foundational American model.

A basis of FAV for our inner reality is necessary for maintaining an outer reality of the same.

FAV is the best platform we have thus far found for self-government. 

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